All out

All trees are out of their winter storage by now. Looking at them I realize I don't have many good ones... If I could have a do-over I would not have brought home more than 3-4 of a total of the 12 currently alive. Well some of them might look ok in 10 years and some may have died by then. I'm not going to throw them out until I run out of space but some of the long-term projects really need to be planted in the garden and be forgotten about for quite a few years (and probably will, but not until next year when they have built some better roots).

I'll try hard this season to bring home some better stock to work with!


  1. Hello buddy. Don´t forget that we will out on a yamadori expedition later in may with the bonsai society :)

  2. Yes I'm looking forward to that! We have to make it happen this year!