Azalea repot

Well, I couldn't stop myself. Even though it's way to cold outside during night I still went ahead and potted up an Azalea I bought in October. I have no experience with Azaleas but I bought 4 small ones of the same vareity and as an experiment I will do some different things to them in the next few years.

This is the before-picture:

First I thinned out the foliage a bit and plucked the flowerbuds and then I cut of a lot off of the roots and tried to rince out as much of the old soil as possible. I ended up with a fist-sized lump of roots (no pictures unfortunately, my 3 year old kid woke up and started trying to help me out so I had to finish qickly).

Then I put it in a big trainingpot with cat litter. I'll try to keep a good pH-level by feeding with a low pH fertilizer. Until the weather gets nice it will sit in a window in the shed. I hope it makes it because I can see a decent future shohin in the low trunk section.

This is how it looks for now:

If it makes it I will just water and feed it for 1-2 years and see how it grows.

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