Hey, big spender...

I brought home something BIG today. Euro-pallet for size-reference... :)

It's a Korean Fir, Abies koreana 'Silberlocke'. It will probably be a difficult tree to bonsai but I was really attracted to the size, fat short trunk and some smaller branches in between the bigger ones. Dull bark but I can live with that. This one is so big I can use my 2nd biggest tree as an accentplant. To be able to handle it I must repot and cut down some branches to get rid of some weight and make it a bit smaller. I'm moving it with a trolley as it is now.

Cones and purple flowers:


It's so dense I cant really make out the future trunkline but there will have to be a lot of deadwood. I don't know much of the rootage either yet but I will try to lift it out of the container next weekend and hoze it down to see what I will be fighting against. I've dug enough to know it's probably not grafted.

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