Juniper repot

I repotted a small needle juniper today. It was purchased 6 months ago in a plastic nursery can. The tree was rootbound in the can and I was curious to see how the roots looked like.

Here's how it looked before:

First I sawed off about a litre of roots and dirt from the bottom. Then I let it rest in a bucket of water for a couple of hours to soften the rootball a bit. It was a very tangled mess of roots left but with a lot of force and more cutting it looked like this:

I put it back in the bucket and prepared the pot, placed the tree, tied it with wire and covered with more cat litter (moler) and watered.

End result:

I can't figure out how to style this tree... I might bring it to a club meeting to get some help/ideas. The pot is of course too big but it will be good for now, when it has stabilized and I know how I want to style it it will be taken down to a much smaller pot.

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