Repotting juniper

I potted a juniper today. It was in a garden center pot and as usual with garden center material I really want them in new soil and have a big clean-up and work done on the roots. No need to worry about the brown needles, this bush was a lot bigger before but was cut down at the time of purchase. There was some shaded and dead parts. Overall, it feels healthy (although I don't really know much about junipers).

Before any work was done:

Lots of roots when popped out of the can:

Sawed of the bottom in layers untill I reached bigger roots in the center:

Cleaned up. I used the blunt side of a knife and jabbed the rootball to pull out and comb out the roots:

Close-up of trunkbase. With a little luck there will probably be some nice surface roots in a couple of years:

The murder weapons... A knife and secateurs. I also used a saw and I tried out the Japanese root scissors I forgot I had but found last week. Didn't like them. Probably good for carpeting and similar but not wery usefull for cutting roots. Beercan for size reference again:

I used a mesh pondbasket. I wired sticks to the bottom to raise it off the ground:

Wired in, potted up and watered:

I took a lot of roots off today but I did leave a lot as well. I'm curious to see how it will handle it. If it was collected material I'd be happy with how much rootage that was saved. Looking at it I realize I did plant it too angled but I hope I will get better with that with experience. That's actually what I find hardest with bonsai right now, placing the tree when potting. I will feed this tree hard this season and wire in fall or next year.

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