The Swedish Bonsai Society at Nordiska Trädgårdsmässan

The Eastern Division of The Swedish Bonsai Society exhibited some trees at the fair Nordiska Trädgårdsmässan 8-11 April. I was there the final day helping out in the display booth. There were lots of visitors there Saturday, more than 21000 (!), but Sunday was rather calm, probably because of the great weather. Almost everyone asks the same questions: How old are they? How much do they cost? Whitch one is the "real" bonsai? (Believing there is a special miniature spieces called Bonsai...) Still, they all loved the trees and there were lots of pictures taken and lots of Ooohs and Aaahs!

I took some pictures with my cellphone:

Our Division President Torsten holding a introductionary lecture on bonsai:

A nice small tree from the exibit:

A cute mame literati Pelargonium bonsai:

Probably the most photographed item of the whole fair:

A trident I've not seen before. Good trunk and roots:

It was the last day of the exibit and I helped take down the booth:

Everything packed in the truck. In the right bottom corner is my new automatic watering system, more on that in a few months time:

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