Mid-season update

Lots of dead trees for me this summer unfortunately.
The list so far:
Cherry tree - dead, no qlue as to why. Never woke up in spring.
Small Crab - dead. Might have been the repotting. Very weak growth that eventually dried and I finally declared it dead today.
Mountain ash - dead. Always been weak and difficult to train. Never woke up this spring.
Azalea no 1 - dead
Azalea no 2 - most likely dead from lack of water when I was away for a week
Azalea no 3 - most likely dead from lack of water when I was away for a week
Azalea no 4 - most likely dead from lack of water when I was away for a week
Hornbeam ground layer project - so weak it's probably dead next spring
Tall yamadori pine - no new growth and needles are turning a whiter shade of pale every week

On the brighter side, the crooked yamadori pine is growing new shoots and looks like it will make it.
The Korean fir is growing strongly and I will reduce branches in autumn before winterstorage.
The Euronymous struggled with late spring freezes but what's left of it is growing just fine and it's a grow-out project so it's ok. I'll protect it better next spring.
The junipers are doing ok even though I was pretty rough on their roots while repotting.
The other Crab is growing just fine but I'm impatiently waiting for it to get a bit thicker so I can start abusing it. Still a few years away from first chop.

Lessons learned:
1. Don't repot to early.
2. My new house needs frost protection.
3. Carefully check your automatic watering system before leaving the house for a week.
4. Out of all the dead ones I'm only going to miss the cherry, the crab, one azalea and the pine. Not even concidering the time spent it's a fact I've payed 210 € for all the dead ones when the ones I will miss only cost me 110 €. Looks to me I've wasted 100 € on dry stumps of crap material... Yamadori seem even more appealing now, free and all...
I have made a promise to myself not ever again bying any material if I don't think it can become great bonsai. I will also try to find one good piece of material for approx. 100 € to make up for the money I've wasted ;)

At least the little junk material still alive on my bench has only cost me 20-30 €.


  1. Oh no! did so many died for you? I´ve losted a larch, a juniper silvestris, one oak and one little pine, the only one i boughted. all the other where yamadori.

    But i fear I will loss at least 2 ones more, an oak and a Sambucus nigra (fläder).
    Did "our" pinus survived? you know, the one we got yelled for?

    Best of luck buddy!

  2. Många dödsfall att sörja... men det är bara att bryta ihop och komma igen!
    Or in English - break down and come again!

  3. Claudio - No, the one we dug is the pale one... I don't have any high hopes fore it but it's not dead yet.

    I think I've found a good spot near my house for you, me and Almir to go yamadori hunting next spring.

    Anna - Tack. Med bonsai blir det också bryta av och bryta ner... Knäcka och kompostera ;-)