Planting medium

Repotting season is here. I don't plan to repot as many trees as last year but there is still 2 maples, a crab apple, an euronymus, a carpinus and fir to take care of. This is what I use for planting medium in bonsai pots and also for houseplants:
 Cat litter from the stores Coop and Willy's made from Danish moler, a fiered clay from Damolin A/S in Denmark. Cheap, works well and is easily obtained.
The one to the left is the variety from Willy's (Eldorado Kattsand). It is bigger in sizes between 3-6 mm and the one to the right is Coop X-tra, sizes 1-3 mm.
The larger I use for larger trees or pots, sometimes as drainage layer as well.
The smaller is used for smaller trees/pots and as top layer.

I have tried to mix in organics sometimes, bark & peat and it has worked well but I don't see any reason for it unless the tree need mychorizza. Usually I just pour it in the pot straight from the bag. It drains well and looks ok. See more info on cat litter for bonsai at


  1. Jag använder samma sort från Coop, men den andra har jag inte sett. Måste kolla om vi har nån Willysbutik i närheten, det kan ju vara bra med de där större kornen.

  2. Jag använder den från Eldorado med stor framgång :) Den hittar jag på hemköp också.