Debunking the myth of decidious trees not being weighted down by snow

I'm on a ski trip in western Sweden (Idre, Dalarna) and just wanted to share some nature photos.

It's mostly pine and fir country here. Pines in this environment grow straight and thin, almost resembling fir-trees as they keep a lot of branches low down. The firs when covered in snow are in turn super thin. Like white poles, completely covered in snow. Some birches here as well. All droop heavily from the wheight of the snow on the naked branches.


  1. Jag känner igen fenomenet med snötyngda träd och smalväxande granar - och så klart att också björkar och andra lövträd tyngs ner av snön!

    Supersnygga bilder!

  2. Anonymous4/06/2012

    Hello, I think those firs you are actually spruces (picea). Firs (abies) are different (although it seems that they have same name in Swedish; gran). It's a bit confusing since the basic scandinavian spruce is named Picea Abies in latin... Check and wiki!
    Have a nice a spring! Lauri från Finland

    1. Yes, you're right. It's spruces. Lost in translation :)