Bending a scots pine

I brought a yamadori scots pine to a workshop with John Armitage. It was dug in spring 2010 and has been resting in my backyard since. It was in top health and ready for some hard core bending.

The tree back in 2010.
Upright it didn’t fit into the car.
Some unusable twigs and branches were cut (Photo by Claudio Estrada, Link).

First part wrapped with plastic tape and wire.
John Armitage flexing the guns (Photo by Claudio Estrada, Link). This part of the trunk was very stiff. We (by this I mean John Armitage) used clamps and guy wires with rubber hose damping to hold the new positions of the two main subtrunks/branches.

Close-up from the back side.

Now it fits into the trunk!

Fully wired! Thanks for the wiring help, Claudio (link to his blog) & Henrik. This is it for this tree for now. Hopefully I’ll get some (lots) back budding in spring. Future work with this tree will be to work with the non-existing surface root spread and to make the green grow more compact.


  1. Nice!
    I hope to see more about this tree in the future!

  2. Anonymous10/07/2012

    This is a very interesting tree. I think it has a the makings of a great specimen