Improving surface roots on a Ficus Benjamina Natasja

Ever since I got addicted to bonsai I've been growing a some little Natasia Figs indoors. They can be tricky in some ways: They are very slow to to build trunks when grown indoors and they build fat bulbuous roots that grow out of proportion. In other aspects they are easy to bonsai: They are easy to ramify, grow in a slow but steady pace year round, leafs are naturally small and reduce well.
Last week I covered the pot of one of my plants with cling wrap. I wanted the surface to keep moisture and see if I culd cut back on watering. The results were pretty cool, in just a few days it threw out new roots around the lowest trunk. I will let them grow down longer and become part of the future surface root-spread ("nebari" for you japanophiles out there).

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