Improving surface roots on a Ficus Benjamina Natasja pt. 3

I removed the cover again today. Roots have grown deep into the soil and I will keep the pot uncovered for now. Final report on this experiment in spring at repotting.


  1. Jag skulle bli oerhört tacksam för en uppdatering om hur det går med dessa nya rötter på din ficus. Har själv ett par väldigt unga ficusar (Natascha), och skulle behöva få fram lite mer rötter på dem.

    I would be most grateful if you could post some news on these new roots on your fig. I have a couple of young figs myself, and I need to bring forward some new roots on them.

    1. Hej, I waited with the repotting because it grew so well in spring but it is slowing down and there will be a repotting in late June. I'll update then.