Improving surface roots on a Ficus Benjamina Natasja pt. 4

I repotted the cling-wrap experiment ficus today. Result was approx. 50% success... About half of the new roots has dried up but there were also a bunch of healthy survivors in the right places. Results would have been better if I didn't remove the wrap the day before I went on vacation and then were too lazy to water frequently enough for the following monts but I still think the technique is solid.

First step: pull it out of the pot.

Some new roots dried up, some did not.

There is also some week-old roots pushing.

After cleaning up the root mass. Ficus benjamina roots grow fat and fleshy if you let them grow out so I cut them back really hard at repotting.

Close-up: All those smaller roots high on the sub-trunk is from the cling-wrap method. In two years they will have grown thick enough to form a better surface line of roots and making this composition look more like a classic twin-trunk type. My long time plan for this plant is to make it the main tree in a forest planting. I have rooted 8 cuttings this spring that will build the rest of the trees.

Back in the pot and ready for more clip'n'grow for better tapering and ramification. 

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