I haven't been very active with the blog for a long time. There are several reasons but mainly, between taking care of my family, the house, training (strenght and mma) and work, I have to spend what little time I've got for my trees actually working on them. Anyway, fall came, leaves dropped and it's time to prepare for winter. First tree to go into winter storage is the Harland Box. I've included some more pictures of a few other projects as well. More on these later. Maybe in spring 2014 or 50 years from now... ;-)
Big oak, dug this spring. Can't decide on keeping it outside or in storage for this winter. It really is to large to go inside but It is still weak from collecting.
Burning bush. Grew really well this season. Will go into bonsai pot in spring and final work on branching can start.
Two new long term projects. To be repotted in spring and then growing trunks untill the kids move out...
Crab apple. Branch devellopment has begun. 2-3 years until bonsai pot. Finished in 4-5 years? Maybe?

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