Winter prep

Almost ready for winter. I still got to dig a hole for the monster oak. The rest is either in ground, lazily placed next to the house or in the shed. So far the temps have been really mild but sooner or later it usually drops to -20 degrees Celcius.


  1. Anonymous1/09/2014

    Hej Ingvar!

    When do you wire your trees, at leaf fall or in the spring? I am new to bonsai and currently trying to read as much as I can; most advice seems to lean towards wiring in the spring if trees are to be exposed to temperatures under -7 to -10 degrees for long periods during winter. Would value hearing your opinion.


  2. I'd say wire in fall after leaf drop or in winter if it's not frozen. Summer is ok but impractical because the leaves are making it hard to see the branch structure. I'd advice against wiring in spring because the buds are easily knocked off and there is so much work with repotting and collecting new material there is really no time for delicate styling. Evergreens are different of course and I don't have much experience with them but reccomendations are often to wire in late summer/ early fall.