Virtual magic

I got this little yew (Taxus x media) at a fall sale from the local garden center last year. It was pruned and bare rooted a week ago and put in a big grow box to fatten up. Not to make it much bigger but I want to work on the future deadwood by peeling off strips of bark in small sections over a couple of years to see if it can make an better illusion of natural deadwood. Just thinking this will go faster in a bigger pot.

Results for now:

Very affordable plastic box from IKEA

Not really ready for the Close-up...

And squint your eyes, here's the quick MS Paint virt:

More deadwood? Ok, just cba to open up MS Paint again.



  1. Idegran heter "Yew" på engelska ... also med "Y" ..... "Jew" betyder något helt annat.

    1. Ahahaha! Fixat, tack för hjälpen!

  2. Very nice! Virtual shows well what you are after.