Shopping spree

I was so exited about going back to Noelanders trophy again this winter I accidentally spent all my money I was saving for the trip buying bonsai paraphernalia...
First I kind of overstocked on pumice but I got a good deal on 600 litres. It was a tough haul for the Volvo but I'm good for a lot of repotting for a long time now.
Then I spent what was left buying two old pots from Japan. First one is for my oldest scots pine who is getting ready to move out of the wooden box and the second one is for the large oak, but not for a few more years so in the meantime this lage pot will be the new home for the japanese maple who need more room for the roots as I'm growing out the branches. No pictures yet, It's 3 months of shipping first (saved me $100 compared to airfreight) and I really don't need them before spring anyway.

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  1. Tjena. Också frå sverige och håller på mycket med bonsai. Var i sverige bor du?