End of the year

Long time - no see... But I'm still Active, just not blogging much. Trees grow slow and I usually prefer working on the trees rather than writing about it nowdays. It's the end of the year but it's also the end of my first 10 years in bonsai! I have learned a lot over the years. I think I have made most of the usual rookie misstakes but lately I don't loose trees anymore. I don't mess up watering or Winter shelter as much as I used to. I even managed to have 3 trees in the Swedish national show this year. Very proud of all 3 - One I have grown from scratch over 8-9 years, the 2nd is an import I have develloped from semistyled stock and the 3rd tree was new to me since 2016 but it managed to win the "Best decidious"-category!

I have gotten better at collecting. Better at choosing what to collect and better at keeping them alive after. Better at not buying crap material and better at getting rid of trees no longer interesting to me. What used to be made in a rush I now can be patient with. I still have hopes for some trees to be perfect in 2-3 years from now but I also understand that it might be Another decade. Funniest thing is, I realise I have focused so much on understanding horticulture for 10 years I have barely had any styling experience. Strange to do something for 10 years and still havent done much of "it" - the defining factor... :-) It's like keeping a car in the driveway, washing it, filling up on gas and checking the tyre pressure - but never taking it out for a drive. At least now I have a lot of trees finaly ready to be styled in the next few years. Watch this space for updates... there might be Pictures of real bonsai here in 2017!

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  1. Very nice and true words :) I can easily see my own way in this article. Marry Christmas and Happy new Year! Rasto